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St John Home


Here are a selection of some of the things people have said about us:

"Thank you for all you did to care for my Aunt and for the very beautiful requiem service. St. John’s Home has been quite wonderful in its care and love. I am and will be ever grateful for all you personally and your staff have done for us all in your care of …"

"I write to thank all at St. John’s Home for their immense kindness and care of my Aunt, especially in the last few days of her life, but also throughout the time she was a resident. Having someone with her by day and night in the final hours of her life must have been a very great consolation. There is a feeling that her long life is itself an achievement, and your care of her over all the years is part of that achievement. It must have meant everything to her to be surrounded by people who shared her faith with her, especially during the final days and hours."

"Thank you once again in the really high quality provision at St. John’s, but above all for providing such sensitive care, which gives mum and dad support, expertise and professional care, but is also consultative and respectful of them."

"We always find the home and its staff to be most courteous and welcoming. … is obviously very comfortable, at peace and delighted to be in St. John’s."

"I would like to say of St. John’s, that I cannot imagine a better place for old folk to be. I feel I have many friends on the staff and among residents too. (A resident of St. John’s)."

"Everyone was welcoming and the home had a genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone seemed pleased to be there. I do feel confident that my continued contribution will be welcomed and I hope to make future contributions – with respect to an already established professional and very competent team and working practice. Very well done and many thanks."

"I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the care you took of Mummy while she was at St. John’s. You gave her such love and energy for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much."

"I am writing to thank you for the exemplary care and kindness that my mother always received at St. John’s. Particularly as she got feeble and at times confused, it could have been a great worry to us having her dependant on other people for her happiness and welfare. As it was, we were able to have complete confidence in the staff and management of St. John’s, and knew that she was being as well looked after as she could have been anywhere. I did want to express our deep appreciation of everything the home has done. With affectionate good wishes to all."

"Thank you to the staff, who looked after my father so well before his death. My family and I will never forget the wonderful care he received at St. John’s, especially during his final illness, and we will always be so grateful to you all."

"First of all may I say how lovely the service was, together with the beautiful chapel and the feeling of peace and loving care around the home. We did not know anyone there yet were made so very welcome. .. was very fortunate to spend her last few years at St. John’s and we thank you for all the kindness shown to her. We were highly impressed with St. John’s Home, the welcome, the surroundings, the grounds, the chapel and the lovely food."

"I am sure you must be aware how happy …. was, especially in the earlier years when she was more active and made some good friends. Thank you for the loving kindness everyone showed to my mother in those last few hours. Indeed, some of the youngest members of the family were overawed by the serenity that accompanied her death. I personally have always felt very welcome and comfortable at St. John's and I hope you will be able to continue caring for the elderly and, in some cases very infirm for many more years."

To read the latest report from the Care Quality Commission, the government body who inspects us, please click here

St Johns Home CQC Report